Special Board Meeting

Special Board Meeting Agenda             
Afton Board of Education            
Wednesday, September 22, 2021, at 6:00 pm    
Afton School Cafetorium, 410 S. Main, Afton, OK

NOTE:  During any properly scheduled open meeting the board may discuss make motions, vote to approve or disapprove, vote to table, adopt, reject, reaffirm, rescind, rearrange the order of the agenda items, or take no action on any agenda matter.

Call to Order
Roll Call of Members
Recognition of Visitors

Superintendent’s explanation of prior board action involving staff employee vaccination stipends and the need for the board to reconsider and take new action regarding the stipends to correct a parliamentary error at the September 9, 2021, regular board meeting, in the prior vote to revisit the board’s vote rejecting the payment of vaccination stipends.  If the Board votes to reconsider vaccination stipends, after the vote to reconsider but prior to the vote to approve stipends, the Superintendent will present the original intent of the stipend and possible eligibility criteria for the Board’s consideration to be included as a part of any vaccination stipend approved by the board.

Public Participation

Discuss, consider and vote to reconsider or not reconsider the board’s previous vote taken on September 9, 2021, to decline to approve vaccination stipends for employees of the school district. Note, because of the Board’s previous action the motion must be made by a board member who voted on the prevailing side of the previous motion (Board members McCoin, Nelson or Oakley).

If the vote to reconsider the issue of special vaccination stipends receives the approval of a majority of the board members, motion and vote to approve or not approve special vaccination stipends for Afton School District employees, subject to eligibility criteria specified by the Superintendent.

Discuss, consider and vote to adjourn or dismiss and reconvene the meeting.

The Ottawa County Clerk was notified on September 14, 2021, regarding this special board meeting.

This agenda was posted on September 21, 2021, at  9:08 a.m. on the outside window of the superintendent’s office and the Afton School Website.

                          Teresa Speer
                        Board Secretary